Nature and science – the perfect combination.

ZENSATION skincare combines natural plant extracts sourced from the Swiss Alps with advanced biotechnology methods developed in one of the world's leading cosmetic laboratories. Swiss scientists have conducted intensive research to formulate a luxurious range of skin treatments that effectively targets different skin types and conditions.

Gentle and effective
All ZENSATION products exclusively contain naturally derived active ingredients that penetrate the skin rapidly and deeply without aggravating skin sensitivities and allergies. Manufactured strictly under the Swiss GMP standard and fully approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its purity and quality, the ZENSATION range doesn't contain any harmful chemical preservatives such as parabens*, colorings, artificial fragrances, mineral oils or animal ingredients.

*Excluding the ZENSATION Deep Cleansing Mud Mask, which contains less than 0.32% of parabens.

A journey of the senses

ZENSATION's name reflects the overall sense of tranquility and health that the exquisite range is designed to inspire. Traditionally a Buddhist word, 'zen' has become a commonly used term to describe purity and peace, while ZENSATION also implies the concept of 'sensation' – with every product energizing and enriching through the senses of smell, touch, and sight.

Sense of smell
ZENSATION's collection is infused with fragrant essential oils, which also have proven benefits to relieving tension and negative energy.

Sense of touch
Whether it be a drop of gel, a dollop of cream, or the ergonomic contours of our massaging devices, ZENSATION's soft and silky products treat the skin as gently as they would a newborn baby.

Sense of sight
ZENSATION packaging is handled like decorative artwork – a visual reflection of our stylish and elegant customers.

The ZENSATION skincare series

ZENSATION has formulated a complete range of high-quality skincare products that provide anti-aging, brightening, moisturizing, acne-fighting, and deep cleansing effects to treat and prevent a variety of skin problems.

The Custom-Blend Essences series – powerful alone or with other favorites
The active ingredients contained in ZENSATION's Super Tripeptide Enhancer 10% and Glycolic Acid Essence 10% are significantly more powerful than those found in similar products on the market.

Tripeptide is highly competent at enabling cell activation, stimulating collagen synthesis, and boosting the skin's natural defenses. Glycolic acid helps to refine and clear the pores. Versatile and potent, the two essences can be used alone or combined with other skincare products to enhance their effectiveness.

The Anti-Acne series – break the acne outbreak cycle
Specifically designed for skin struggling with acne, ZENSATION's Anti-Acne series contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial tea tree oil and salicylic acid – both of which help reduce the signs aging, tighten pores, and regulate oil and moisture production. A variety of natural ingredients keep skin hydrated and supple, including raspberries, marigold, lavender, and other moisturizing plant extracts. The Anti-Acne series is also formulated to soothe and dilute red spots, restoring skin to its naturally smooth and flawless condition.

ZENSATION's Anti-Blemish Lotion contains a powerful hit of sulfur powder, which reduces swelling overnight and relieves acne outbursts, while its mallow flower essence encourages healthy skin cell production and reduces redness.

ZENSATION's Sensitive Oily Skin Serum treats sebum production imbalances as well as minor skin irritations – both of which can cause unsightly pimples on sensitive skin. Its rich but gentle active ingredients, such as arnica, witch-hazel, Bioecolia® and AC. NetTM, promote healthy skin metabolism, balancing sebum production and calming stressed skin.

While acne is commonly considered an oily skin problem, dry skin may also produce blemishes due to seasonal changes, stress, and disrupted sebum production. ZENSATION's Anti-Acne series addresses the full spectrum of acne causes through its treatment masks that target different skin types. Those with oily skin or large pores should use the Deep Cleansing Mud Mask, which features a combination of kaolin mineral and deep sea mud to effectively absorb excess oil and tighten pores. The Healing & Soothing Mask is ideal for dry, red, and sensitive skin – its vitamin B5 and organic extracts helping to heal damaged cells while shea butter extract gently moisturizes the skin.

The Multi-Purpose Gel series – five powerful effects in one bottle
ZENSATION's Multi-Purpose Gel series encompasses five versatile gels that contain a high concentration of active ingredients that are often found in clinical-grade skincare.

Brightening Gel – Visibly brighter skin in four weeks
The primary ingredient in ZENSATION's Brightening Gel is pepti-light – a unique brightening formulation that effectively inhibits pigment production and prevents the formation of blemishes. Clinical testing has demonstrated that ZENSATION's Brightening Gel can significantly reduce dark spots and restore a more even skin tone after just four weeks – its effects even greater when combined with arbutin and vitamin C. The Brightening Gel can also be blended with other skincare products to enhance their effects or used with hand-held devices that massage the skin.

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